Kimberlite Diamond always takes advantage of family-oriented services to build a platform to communicate and exchange with customers. It will always keep the promise of “Service of Six Guarantees”, constantly enrich the service connotation, and become the diamond professional consultant with the highest professionalism for all customers! Kimberlite Diamond is the first brand that advocates “Service of Six Guarantees”. It has become a fully-fledged industry pioneer by virtue of special services: “lifetime free-of-charge replacement (replacement Guarantee) between different places in China”.

Service of Six Guarantees

  • Authenticity

    Each diamond jewelry holds the quality inspection certificate issued by national authoritative institutions.

  • Quality Guarantee

    Both the grade of diamond and quality of gold come up to the national standards.

  • Value Guarantee

    As the diamond price annually goes up at a certain rate in the world market, your purchased diamond jewelry will never be devalued with our Value Guarantee.

  • Replacement Guarantee

    Under the premise that Kimberlite-branded diamond jewelry keeps intact without damage and bears a complete invoice and certificate, purchased in franchised stores or a special counter authorized by Kimberlite, it can enjoy lifelong replacement in any franchised store or special counter authorized by Kimberlite in China No depreciation fee is charged, without limit on replacement frequency. Replacement Guarantee follows the principle of “replacement at the same value or above”.

  • Repair Guarantee

    In the event of Kimberlite-branded diamond jewelry being damaged due to inadvertent wearing (with the exception of loss or damage of the diamond), which is purchased in franchised store or special counter authorized by Kimberlite, repair guarantee can be available free of charge.

  • Cleaning Guarantee

    Kimberlite-branded diamond jewelry, which is purchased in franchised stores or a special counter authorized by Kimberlite, can enjoy lifelong maintenance, cleaning, polishing and other services.


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